Fabrication of Wind Mill Power Generation

This Wind Mill Power Generation Implemented In Air Will Be Converting To the Electrical Energy. Energy from the air can be utilized in multi various ways. It can be tapped directly from air in the form of electrical energy.

Types of Wind Mill

Horizontal Wind Mill

Vertical Wind Mill

It’s Using Depended Of power Generation area. High Of the power generation place applied in vertical wind mill. Surface of power generation place will be applied in horizontal wind mill. Generating power will be saved to the battery. Storage power will be utilized in to the varies way of process. Source will be used in natural of air. We choose this project to provide to power producing from nature air well to working environment which essential for getting more work output in pollution free manner. First fabricated based on the requirements with standard parts keeping in mind various safety precautions. The Leaf Design Very Imported Of the type of power generation methods. Leaf will be design easily movement of air force. Storage energy will be given to inverter process .energy will be applied high power application of industries. Power consumption will be reduced in this power generation


  • Wind energy vehicles
  • Power Generation in homes
  • Power Generation in factories

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